Take your time to calculate the pot odds

STRATEGY: Some basic tips when playing live poker

Many times, we seek advanced advice on poker, however, along with it is also important not to ignore the basics. Here are some basic tips to keep in mind.Click here for w88.

Wait to look at your cards

When the cards are dealt there is a great temptation to see what touched us and start formulating strategy for the hand. The problem is that by doing this, we are giving too much information to our opponents. Unless we are 100% sure that we are not giving absolutely any signal, we should wait for our turn to see the cards. By doing this, we avoid giving information to players who act before us.Visit this site for w88.

Never look at the flop

The players do this all the time and that is funny: they stare at the table while the dealer puts the flop, concentrating on the cards while calculating the impact that the flop will have on their hands. They never look at the other players! This never makes sense to me. After all, the flop will still be there in 5 seconds, but the reactions of your opponents will not. I know you could say that good players don’t give this kind of signal, but … Are all our opponents that good? At least, when looking at the flop, we avoid giving signals.

Some basic tips when playing live poker

Search for the best table

In both types of poker, online and live, we have an abundance of options on where to sit. However, automatically, we sit in the first available seat. By not looking for the best table with the worst opponents, we are squandering an opportunity to earn money. Playing at a table that does not provide us with the optimal conditions is the same as deciding to play all the hands in a different way than the optimum.


Take your time to calculate the pot odds. It may be that your decision is obvious – perhaps it is a clear fold. However, it is never bad to review the mathematics of the situation. This practice requires that we know how to do the calculations instantly, but it makes our rivals not know when we are focused on what happens and when not.

Eliminate distractions

No matter where we are playing, at home with the phone ringing, or in the casino watching television (or girls), it is very easy to get off the ground while we play poker. Needless to say, this decreases our ability to obtain information from our rivals and makes us play worse. We must always have the attitude of “always being here” at the table. If you can’t do it, maybe you shouldn’t be playing.