Holy Cow! An epic journey.

2014-10-22 22:55:55 holycow

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Holy Cow: This Cannot Be Happening

2014-10-20 23:50:42 holycow

Yes, once again, those people we trust to develop stuff to help us, protect us, make us better… the health product manufacturers of the world…

They have failed us.

Holy Cow. When will we ever truly be safe from the profiteers who would rather take our money and profit from us then actually produce a helpful product that will help with our ailments and illnesses.

Now sufferers of incontinence who would normally be treated with bladder mesh surgeries are in danger, because the bladder meshes are making things worst. It’s awful – you suffer through multiple surgeries only to find that your symptoms get worse! Horrible.

If you or a woman in your life that you know has gone through these procedures, please make them aware of the legal help that is now available for this issue so they can sue and get compensation for the damages they have suffered. Help them to understand the recall that has been placed on many of these terrible products.

Check out http://www.EUMORPHIA.org for more specific info.

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