Razz is a Poker game in GCLUB for up to eight players where the lowest or worst hand possible is the winner. It is almost identical to 7-Card Stud Poker but with three main differences.

  • The player who brings in the action during the first betting round.
  • The player who starts the action on any given street.
  • The decision for the winning hand at showdown.

The deal

How to deal in Razz is also the same as 7-Card Stud. The dealer gives each player two face down cards starting with the player to the left. Another dealer is then given to each player face up.

The gameplay

    • The game begins once all players receive their two down cards and one up card. The player with the highest-valued up card starts the game. There are two options for this player.
    • To bet an amount equal to the ante; or
  • To complete the bet by betting the full amount of the small bet.
  • The ranking of up cards is according to face value from lowest to highest. Jack is the lowest and King is the highest. In case of a tie, the suits break it.
  • Since the highest-valued card rank is the King, Aces are low or good.
  • Suits come in the following order from worst to best: clubs, diamonds, hearts, and spades.

The rules

The game begins by determining the best hand. Pairs are always viewed as high bin Razz. A hand is only as low as the value of the highest card. After determining who has the best hand, this player starts the betting round. This player can either bet or check.

The streets

  • Fourth street

Razz players receive up to seven cards each. After they get the first three cards, a betting round ensues before they receive another up card. The player with the lowest up card can check or bet an equal amount to the small bet.

  • Fifth street

After the round of betting, players receive another up card. Another betting round proceeds as before. For the fifth street, all bets and raises are in increments of the big bet limit.

  • Sixth street

Everything goes the same as the fifth street.

  • Seventh street

This is the river where players still in the hand receive another face down card. A final betting round occurs like in the fifth and sixth street.

Winning the game

After the final betting round, players enter into the showdown. Each player forms the best five-card hand using their seven cards. The other two contribute no value to the hand. The last player to bet or raise shows his or her cards first. If nobody placed a bet during the final round, the player who shows first is the one in seat 1 or closest to it. Players expose hands clockwise around the table.