Be Disciplined in Poker!

Poker discipline is something that should always be in the first place in the list of players’ main assets. If in any way your discipline is bad, pay close attention to how to improve your discipline. Being a poker player is a well-known fact that there is nothing more exciting in a game than to get a great starting hand in a poker game. If you can do this, you will automatically gain an edge over other players, and you will probably continue to have this advantage and win the pot.

Somehow with all the good, there is a bad aspect.

In this case, after getting a good initial hand, the players are excited and thus take responsibility for making the hands less successful, which ultimately leaves them with empty chips, which forces them to stand. Stand up and leave with empty pockets. The excitement at the domino qq table after a few good moves is not an idea to follow. When players are excited, they leave their cautious positions and trust their good position; they make irrational, crazy, or crazy movements that start to cost a lot. Before they realize this, they are left without not only their good position, but also their money, which cost them a full boat or, even worse, their participation in the chip.

Discipline is nothing but decision making and compliance. Suppose you are a good player, develop a strategy for yourself, decide which hand you should play with, and self-discipline ensures that you don’t suddenly change your way. The self-discipline test occurs when you reach a point, when you need to decide whether to do it or not;

This is a very old saying, but for some reason it still applies today: until retirement. This means that even if you hold a hand that looks like a giant, there is a high probability that it will be crushed, the better and better the initial hand; the more difficult it will be to bend it.

The most difficult and dangerous starting hands are A-10, A-9 or worse, Q-J, K-10. This always causes many players to lose discipline and fill their pockets. If in some way you get one at the beginning of the game (especially when you make a betting position), always try to remove them, no matter how good your hand is, there will be so many hands to hit you in a straight line.


It is not easy to master discipline, but no matter how hard it is to manage it, it always remains in a key position. This is the difference that distinguishes a great poker player from a good poker player and gives him a good position in every game. Therefore, develop a strategy and try not to let it go.