There are plenty of online dice games available for everyone. These games have different rules, strategy, and payouts. Most dice games are straightforward and very easy to play. That is one of the reasons why beginners often choose to start with dice games. Aside from the well-known dice games like Sic Bo and Craps, there are a lot more others that are also as exciting.

Spook Mansion

This one is a skill-based dice game. Although there is still a lot of luck involved, you need skillful manipulation. You have to be careful when deciding where to place your rolls. Proper planning will let you earn more points and bigger prizes. Even beginners can enjoy this interesting game. Developers added bonus features and other elements to reach a wider audience. The added features increase the replay value and depth to your game. The combination of a creepy haunted house and a dice game works out rather well.

Dice O’Clock

There are very few games structured like this one. The bonus rounds are like a slot game. It also has an instant win style match system. There is a clickable reveal which is a lot like a scratch card. The special feature of the game is the theme itself which is set in the interior of an old clock tower. You, as a player, are part of the British industrial revolution. There are several mechanisms that surround the old clock tower and you have to climb to the top. A spinning wheel is waiting at the top. It gives you credit prizes and mystery games. You can try the game for free before you switch over to cash play.

Super Wheels Progressive

Instead of the traditional game where reels spin at the same time, the reels on this game spin one at a time. This game lets the player place symbols wherever they want across the board. Every time the reels stop spinning, you get an option to place the symbols. You continue placing them until you fill the entire board. Winning paylines will then get paid. You can also click the AUTO button if you want to let the computer place all the symbols.

Although there are only a few dice games available online, they are quite enjoyable to try. Several online casinos like Agen S128 offer various dice games. These games are worth a try if you want to take a break from online slots and table games.