Amazing facts about poker pkv games 

As a gambler, you would not deny the fact that poker pkv games online are amongst the most intriguing and engaging card games that are loved by all gamblers. It is the game that is most commonly played online as well as offline. Some people even choose poker as their career. If you think you are a pro poker player and know everything about the game, here we bring to you some amazing facts about the game that will surely surprise you.

PKV Games online facts:

    1. The poker game was hosted for 8 years in Arizona’s popular theatre “ The Bird Cage”: the famous birdcage theatre had hosted Bird Cage Tournament which is a poker game in the year 1881. This game has high stakes and lasted for almost 8 and a half years.
    2. Poker chips were first created out of wood, ivory, bone, and clay: before the poker chips that are used today came into existence, people used to bet using nuggets, gold bars, and also gold dust. After that gaming houses made chips made out of wood, ivory, bone, and clay.
    3. The first real money game of online poker was played on 1st January 1998: before this date, online poker games did not involve any real money and were just gimmicks. Planet poker was the website that started with real money gambling.
    4. There were just 20 cards in the deck used in the poker game: players used 52 cards only after 1830. Before that only 4 players played the game and only 20 cards were dealt. Betting starts on the player’s hand that was the best.
    5. The poker tournament was shown on television for the first time in the year 1973: World Series of Poker was first shown on the CBS sports channel in the year 1973.
  1. Richard Nixon whos the former president of Congress used money won in the game of poker to fund his political campaign.
  2. The 4 kings that exist in the deck of poker are associated with 4 real kings namely Israel’s King David, Alexander the Great, France’s King Charlemagne, and Caesar Augustus of Rome.
  3. The poker game is classified as a mind sport officially according to IMSA.
  4. Players who play Chinese poker believe that they get good luck by wearing red color.
  5. There is a superstition associated with playing poker in dirty clothes. This reduces bad luck and improves winning chances.

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