Unique Facts about Situs DominoQQ

Unique Facts about Situs DominoQQ

Domino is a unique game in all sense of the word. It is a game of chance like every other game played at the casino, but it is a lot different from virtually all of them in that it can improve your mental acuity and make you a lot better human in the way you think and plan. Situs DominoQQ has been around for quite a while and it can excite you endlessly. In this write-up, you will learn quite a lot about this unique game and how it can transform your life as an individual.

Some facts to note

Situs DominoQQ is a special game. It involves matching the game pieces; that is, the rectangular ‘tiles’. The arrangement is done on a flat surface with each of the tiles having a number of spots, while some other tiles do not have any spot at all.  That tile must be matched with another one at each of the ends of similar number of tiles.

You can also spell domino as Dominoes if you so desire.  Also, you can call the spots found on the domino tiles as pips.  As you must have noticed, the pieces in the game are called tiles and can equally be called bones tickets, spinners, cards or even stones.

Situs DominoQQ

A little history

The first documentation of dominoes occurred in China as far back as the 12th or 13th century AD.  It, however, did not reach the European countries until 1700s when it was played in Italy.  It then spread to other European countries from Italy from then on.

In times past, materials like hardwood, ivory and bone were used in making the tiles. Also, materials like glass, ceramics, metal and stone.  The case has changed these days, anyway; Situs DominoQQ tiles are now made using either resins or plastic.

How to play

Dominos originate from Asia. However, it has spread across the globe to as far as Europe and the Americas. The European form of domino has a slightly different deisgn and game plan compared to the original one that was developed in Asia.  The European domino set comes with 28 tiles. However, you can also get domino sets with about 253 tiles. Be that as it may, domino tiles with 253 tiles are not common. The number is also not suitable for eight players.

The most common sets are called double nine or double six; the former is made up of 55 tiles, while the latter consists of 28 tiles.  The former has values of zero to nine, while the latter has values of zero to six.  Situs DominoQQ is played by two to eight players at once; the total number of players per session depends on the number of tiles involved in that game.  Consequently, dominos is a family game.

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