The online casino bonuses for the beginners

With the immense popularity of the casino online sites the number of such sites swelled to a formidable number of 27 million sites. It is but natural that these sites have to face stiff competition in order to exist in the business of gambling games. As in the case of main line business enterprises the online casino industry also has to resort to various promotional schemes to attract as well make the players stay in their sites. One such promotional effort undertaken by the online casinos is the bonuses. Various types of bonuses have been innovated and more will add up to it. The bonuses are designed to target players of various stages and from various backgrounds with the aim of enhancing the business. When the competition is high the motto becomes many customers with low per capita profit. This truly gives good results.

The various bonuses

Welcome bonus is a type of bonus meant for attracting the initiators. The online casino sites give much importance to it because it is a great way of getting fresh customers in order to replenish the quitters. So they offer quite lucrative bonuses which sometimes may seem to be too good to be true. But there are such schemes and the new players should carefully research all the sites to find the most lucrative site and also suit their requirements. The welcome bonus can be of many types but the two major ones are no deposit bonus and match bonus.

The no deposit bonus is a free bonanza to the beginners and is not provided by all sites. In the case of such a bonus the beginners need not to give any deposit money. Some money will be credited to their account to start the play. This is very useful for the players who are not very sure about their playing ability. They can remove their apprehensions by playing the games of gambling for free and deposit the money if interested. From the casino online casino site’s point of view they hope to get some fresh players through this as many gambling games do not require much intelligence to play. So it is quite likely that most of the beginners will get interested and stay on with the site.

In the case of match bonus the beginners have to make some deposit money and the sites will offer them a bonus as a percentage of their deposit money.