The benefits of marked cards

The use of the marked cards has been there for a long time, and many people used them to cheat in games and win by making some marking to indicate particular cards. It has been a great menace in casinos wherein this cheating would be seen. To prevent this casino owner resorted to their trademarks or got the tickets with unique markings done which cannot be identified by players themselves. The marks are indistinguishable to people as they are little changes either in the pattern or the ink blots. Careful speculation will allow you to know these subtle differences which are deliberately made to prevent the clients from knowing it. Such cards are now available; when you go online, you can purchase them on


The working process adopted

There different methods adopted to make these markings, these are visible but on the closer examination which many don’t pay attention to amid an exciting game. These are effective ways to make the marks which don’t stand out but can be visible in on the obverse sides of the card deck. These markings are usually uniform if you get them specifically made. The cards given to players in casinos are marked so that the players don’t cheat with the cards they may be having. These card marking techniques are also employed in card tricks by magicians who will be knowing the difference only the volunteer is no aware and is tricked into believing it is the same card as the rest of the deck. Now you check out online about marked cards on

There are places wherein casinos allow the purchase of decks of cards by visitors, but they make sure that they are either punched in the middle with holes or the sides are cut. So that they are no longer used in the casinos for cheating.The table games played in the casinos can often be manipulated if the players chance upon using their deck of favorable cards into play. To prevent this kind of rigging, the casino took elaborate measures to ensure that there were specific markings that prevented this kind of act by the people who came to play in the casinos. Since they were dealing with vast sums of money, which was at stake, they had to come up with a ruse to prevent any cheating in the case, especially in the card playing tables.

This idea became a success as whoever shuffles them, the marking didn’t make a difference,and the trained eye could identify them, in this case, the dealer, so they could now keep an eye on the players. Though the players thought they could hold the cards in certain positions so that the markings won’t be visible yet another manipulative trick, it wouldn’t work at all times.This marking which was crude and not as sophisticated as today was used by the players long time when gambling was done in dens and hidden places. The main aim of the player was to cheat and get hold of the jackpot.