Italian Poker: A Basic Introduction

Poker is popular around the world and it has several variations, like Situs Judi Online. Italian Poker or Poker All’Italiana is one of its many variants. Each player gets five cards and they can change up to four of those cards. Italians refer to this game as “Poker” and the classic 5-card draw is “Poker All’Americana.”

Cards and players

The number of cards used in this game depends on the number of players sitting at the table. Subtract the number of participants from 11 and that amount is the lowest card.

  • 6 players = 40 cards: from 5 to Ace
  • 5 players = 36 cards: from 6 to Ace
  • 4 players = 32 cards: from 7 to Ace

How to play

All players must place the agreed stake in the pot before giving out the cards. The dealer then gives one card at a time to each player. The deal is clockwise starting with the player to the left of the dealer. Each player receives five cards.

After receiving the cards, a round of betting starts. Players must have a pair of Jacks to open. Those who have less than this must pass. Players can also pass even if they can open. The players throw the cards in if nobody opens. The pot stays and the players place their bets again. The next dealer then deals for the new round.

A draw round then follows. Players who have not folded can exchange their cards. A player can only change up to four cards. The turns start with the player to the dealer’s left. Each player will state how many cards he or she wants to exchange. The player discards the number of cards and the dealer gives him or her replacement cards. The dealer will shuffle the discarded cards if the cards run out. The dealer will give three cards at first to those who wish to change four cards. When all the players receive their replacement cards, they get their fourth card.

The opener can discard part of or all the combination that qualified the hand for opening. The player needs to announce he or she will discard the opening combination. The dealer must keep those discarded cards to one side. The dealer can check it to prove that a pair of Jacks or better was in the player’s hand.

A second round of betting begins after the exchange of cards. Next is the showdown. The winner is the surviving player with the highest ranked hand.

There are many slight rule variations. It is vital to check what house rules are in effect before playing. Doing so will avoid unpleasant arguments with other players.