Varieties of games to play using ethereum wallet

Online casino gambling games are popular in many countries. Many people love playing games in online casino because they just want have some fun and there are some people who along with having fun wants to win huge amount of money. In current days people are using ethereum wallet foe all the transaction to be done in online casino as it has many advantages and safer. You can also find many varieties of online casino games which can be played using ethereum wallet like ethereum dice, wolf bet dice etc. Let us see about few games in details.

  • Crap dice: In this game you have to keep in mind tow thing one about pass line and the other is don’t pass line. When a player through the dice and based on the number it is decided if the player has won the pass line or lost the match. But all the numbers are not means the won or loss there are some numbers which are considered as point if that is appears on through.
  • Hazard dice: This game has grown to the level where people bet large amount on it. This game is played with two dice where the shooter throws the dice to set the main point and once the main point is fixed then all the players make their betting and starts playing the game.

  • Chuck-A-Luck: It is the simplest game among all the dice games. For all the beginners in the dice games it is best if they start playing with the Chuck-A-Luck game. In these game players uses three dice to play and the player bets on that how many numbers will come up in the same which the player has already decided before throwing the dice.
  • Klondike: It is played using five dice on the table. Here the game is depended on the combination of total number you get after throwing the dice. First the banker will through the dice and set up the standard. If a player throws the same combination which the banker has set up then they loss. To win the game the players have to through the dice in such way that there combination is better than the banker.
  • Banka Francesca: It is also one of the famous online casino dice game. It is very easy to play. It is played with three dice and the player has to get a combination which is already set in three types that is bid, small and aces.


Hope you will know start try all the dice games with ethereum wallet. As these games are very easy even the new user can win the money.